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chaox 2009.7 is here!

Posted in announcement, arch linux, chaox, linux, livecd, liveusb with tags , , , , , , , , , , , , on July 4, 2009 by jensp

So finally we got our stuff together to give you the best chaox release so far. This release comes with a huge list of changes, here are the (imho) most interesting ones. We have packaged kernel 2.6.30 and patched it for injection. We have support for proprietary nvidia drivers out-of-the-box. We added airoscript to help you getting those pentests finished faster and the slick amap port scanner from THC, which nicely complements nmap. Some tools for securing and breaking ARP are now included: arpwatch and arp-tools respectively. fast-track has been included for some instant exploit goodness. Of course this release includes the freshly released kismet newcore version 2009-06-R1. We also ship openvas, the great opensource fork of nessus. For those of you looking to recover stuff, we added fsarchiver, magicrescue and partimage. On the driver side of things we added some ieee80211 based drivers for those of you that prefer them to the in kernel drivers: rt2570-k2wrlz, rt73-k2wrlz and rtl8187-ng. To aid with switching drivers the change-drivers script was added, it may still have some rough edges, but has worked fine for us so far.

As usual we’d really appreciate some feedback on the release and suggestions for future ones.

A special thanks to our brave (and sometimes unintentional) beta testers John and Maltin – thanks for your help!

Note: For some reason we weren’t able to get gdm to autologin reliably. If you aren’t logged in automatically type “livecd” as a username and hit enter. We didn’t want to delay the release even further because of this bug.

Read more for the complete (very long) changelog.

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