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back again with a new release

Posted in announcement, arch linux, chaox, linux, livecd, liveusb with tags , , , , , , , , , on March 24, 2009 by jensp

We are back with a cracking new release, featuring a huge number of changes. First of all on the usability side of things we now have a Backtrack(tm) style menu for easy browsing of available applications. We added a bunch of applications to make your life easier: cmospwd utility for reading your BIOS’ password, ddd graphical debugger, elettra crypto suite, foremost file recovery, gigolo mount helper, kvm for your virtualisation needs, a driver for rt2870 based cards (no monitor mode/injection support), warvox for some voip based wardialing fun and wireshark svn snapshots including DECT support.
More minor updates not always visible to the average user include, some installer fixes, aufs2 replacing aufs1 and some minor bumps. Read more for the complete changelog.

IMPORTANT: This release is no longer supported, if you can’t reproduce your problem with the latest stable release we won’t help you.

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