If you face any problems with chaox please let us hear about it! However there aren’t enough developers to answer all your questions, especially if you can find a answer with the search engine of your choice, in the FAQ or in the wiki. It would also be very nice if you could take the time to read how to ask questions the smart way. When reporting problems with chaox please always state the exact filename of the version you used and make sure to check the shasum. You can reach us via forum, irc (webchat) or by commenting on the blog.


15 Responses to “Support”

  1. Where can i find the dect software and kismet?

  2. I’m having many issues trying to install chaox to my HDD, I’ve installed Arch Linux many times so I wouldn’t class my self as a inexperienced user but here goes:

    When I get to the package installation part it always fails saying that their are many conflicts. One that I can remember being the init scripts conflicting with chaox-init scripts.

    Also when trying a system update with ‘pacman -Syu’ I again receive numerous file conflicts (network manager with libnetworkmanger, gcc with choax-gcc).
    I’ve tried replacing then, and leaving them be, but to no avail.

    I’m pretty sure this is not an error on my part, tried it with two computers and it still fails.

    Does anyone, please, have any advice.

    • You are right, it is a bug in our installer. I’ll try to fix it and will report back in the evening. The next release will have a installer that will work completely without getting packages from the internet, so these problems shouldn’t turn up again.

  3. I’m using the latest version (I believe) Chaox-17-04-2009.iso.

    My setup if it helps:
    I have Arch installed on a separate partition (/ is sda2) and I’m trying to install Chaox ‘/’ to sda3, with a separate boot partition on sda1.

    I’ll try re-installing again now and post a more detailed output.

    • You are not: chaox-2009.7.iso is the latest version and also the only supported one. Sorry for the hassle, but the installer isn’t supported anymore on older versions. You can get the latest version from

      • Ah sorry my mistake; I had both versions in my ‘OS ISO’ folder and thought I was using the latest.

        All working great now, thank you, using 2009-7, installed perfectly and running smooth.

        Thanks for this great distro, keep up the good work.

  4. Hi,

    gibt es auch ein Image, welches mal auf Platte installieren kann?


  5. hello there
    please help me how make username and password booting livecd
    please help me how to use chaox os?

  6. Hallo,

    bitte um Hilfe. Wieso höre ich immer nur einen Gesprächspartner, nie den anderen?



  7. On ebay anybody sells large quantitie copies of your chaox version.


  8. 3x7r00tripper Says:

    I was posting a good post and screenshots from chaox os.
    You can read the post on:
    Or dirrect on my blog: or

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