For those of you that need something more visual to get an idea of chaox here are some screenshots:

The first screenshot shows the bootloaders menu. If you have a different keyboard layout or want to change some other part of the kernel commandline you can edit it by pressing tab. The next two show the default chaox desktop, which basically is the default xfce4.6 desktop and the chaox menu, which hopefully gives you a bit of an overview of the tools available and what to use them for.

In the next row we have the Chaox installer, which is a simple hack of the Arch Linux installer and behaves nearly the same. The following two screenshots are more interesting, the first one shows our passcracking script which allows you to submit md5 and lm hashes to online rainbowcracking sites and the second one shows the powerful ngrep utility. If you have some screenshots showing you doing something fun with chaox we’d love to here from you.


6 Responses to “Screenshots”

  1. […] tools. For a complete list of packages check here. Want a more visual experience? Look at some screenshots. This project was originally developed with a “because we can” attitude, but we grew a […]

  2. incompatible with the bestseller HP notebooks…
    inconceivable…. nor it enters in graphical mode

  3. Hate to be a pain, but your sub-title says “A Arch Linux based Live CD”, when it should say: “An Arch Linux based Live CD”.

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  5. yubasin Says:

    want to download ;)

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