Hello World

Hey there,
I just wanted to create this blog so I can push updates about the chaox-ng livecd. Currently you can get the releases from https://jenux.homelinux.org/~jens/livecd/ and the source code from github. The livecd is based on the Arch Linux distribution and uses KDE4 as it’s main user interface (there is also a option to boot fluxbox). The main focus of the included tools is on forensics and security. You can get a current list of packages from here. The livecd works quite well for me, but it still needs quite a lot of work. If you have some suggestions, feature requests, bug reports, whatever, I’m very interested to hear them.


2 Responses to “Hello World”

  1. Hi,
    you are great!!!

    Chaox live CD is working on my PC but I cant type in console, keboard is not working at all. pls give a fauvarabl replay.

    • Thanks for testing, this is a known bug which will be fixed in the next version (which will be released as soon as we have ironed out some bugs with 2.6.28). Just press “alf+f2” in KDE and type sudo mount /dev/pts. You should now be able to open a terminal again.

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